Your Post Has Become Your Product

To Bring the Social Users infront of the Businessman Directly

make-money-with-incomeonHence the secret of making money online with free of cost has been revealed. Mr. Iqbal Akhtar Hussain is the Chairman of this company has recently launched the website where users can register just like on other social Medias like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn etc. and can make their status as a product and earn money on each at every step of reaction of the people on their status.

The main and interesting thing about the website is that you earn money at each and every action performed on the timelines and the post owner and the post lover will both earning money at the same time. What you got from my statement? Yes it’s true, the website pays money on every action i.e, you’ll make money if you like, comment, share, giving a great job and giving a referral from other social media or even disliking a post you’ll get a pop up at each and every action that how much money you have made so far!

First you’ll need an account from any mail server for example from Google Bing or yahoo to register with incomeON.

After registration you’ll find two timelines, a business timeline for business purpose and a social timeline for social purpose.

incomeON Business TimeLine:

At business timeline you can create any Business shop you want, although they have given a pre-formatted Performa for creating a shop but you can fully customize once it is created. After that you can add product to that specific shop easily. It’s an amazing website for promoting your business with millions of people free of cost.

incomeON Social Timeline:

At social timeline you’ll post your daily status accompanied by snapshop, selfie, video, or any text, combination of all these or any single status from above, the every post will be green hearted with promoted post and you’ll firstly earn some penny over it. But belive me this is an awesome idea by the incomeON that has maintained an income part on account of using social media.

incomeON claims that it’s the first Pakistani and an Islamic social media website and the increasing no. of users has proved that it’s the forth-coming future of the social technology and will compete the big giants of the internet social media world.

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