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Are you searching for the tips to increase your AdSense revenue? Simply scroll down and get the strategies and suggestions to increase the Google AdSense revenue.

Google Adsense  is the top most Google’s Online Advertisement Program, which is used to get revenue for the bloggers. It is up to the bloggers how much they increase their income using different strategies. There is much content on our blog “” which can be used to get many beneficial tips to increase the revenue using Google AdSense.

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The placement of the advertisement is a basic and major factor which seriously effects on your revenue. You have to be very careful while placing Ads in your blog. You should not violate the Google Ads Policies which force the users to make clicks and do not ask your friends to make more clicks because Google Analytics take it as a negative factor.

Now-a-days Google is presenting a user friendly and easy AdSense interface which definitely increase your revenue.

 Some Useful  Strategies and Tips to Increase AdSense Income

If you are thinking about a direct relation of traffic with income, that’s not really true. Many more factors are involved in the revenue from Google Adsense. These factors are:

  • Placement of the Ads
  • AdSense CPC
  • Total No. Of Ads
  • Type of Ads
  • Source of traffic

When you go in the search by keywords, you must get information about the CPC for that particular keyword. It will be better for the AdSense publisher if there is high CPC.  If you make a target of high CPC then your words, keywords and specially clicks must be higher.

Yes, it is really true that this kind of Internet Advertisement is less effective in technological blogs. Now it is a time to give you some simple and easy tips and strategies to increase Google AdSense earnings.

Placement and Size of Ads

It is one of the major factors which directly affect blog’s CTR. You must know where to place the particular advertisement. “It will be well and good if you place the Ads above the fold. I personally experience that there is a high CTR above the fold and less CTR below the fold. If you are easy with your site’s outlook, mingle your Ads over there.”

If you prefer linking-based Ads then banner Ads, it is again good for your blog’s CTR and “put the link-based Ads on the header navbar.”

If you are going to design your website for AdSense, first of all you have to keep in mind the Google AdSense HeatMap. It will completely guide you to design the theme of your AdSense website.

Here are some best rectangular shapes which might be suitable for your new site’s theme.

  • 336 × 280 (large size)
  • 300 × 250 (medium size)
  • 720 × 90 (horizontal)
  • 160 × 600 (vertical large)

You can also customize the size of the Ads according to the design of your website.

Real World Ads: Don’t Annoy the Readers

You must have knowledge about the Ads which you are placing in your blog. Many fake Ads are annoying the readers of the blog. Try to paste popular Ads which can rate high CTR.

Physical Traffic: Get High CPC

If you are complaining about the low CPC and less traffic, you must note that the traffic sources from search engines will rate your CPC high because it is noted that the traffic which comes from U.S.A and U.K has high CPC.

So, you should paste some Ads regarding U.K and U.S.A which attracts the traffic and automatically your CPC gets high.

AdSense for Search: A Definite Revenue Source

You should place AdSense ad for search which surely increase your AdSense revenue. It will also help the visitors to navigate.

Placement of Relevant Ads

Try to place some relevant Ads in your blog because the relevant Ads built a confidence in the visitors to click on more Ads. If the Ads are relevant to your article, visitors will take interest to click on it. It will make a healthy CTR for your blog. So, you have to target to place relevant Ads with your content.

Advertisements in the Middle of the Content:

If the Ads are relevant to the content of your blog, it is better to place them in the middle of your content. In case of image Ads, provide best color combinations and contrast with the color of your blog’s background. It will work to attract the visitors. There must be some space which separates your content and Ads because it is the policy of Adsense which you should not violate.

Text or Image Ads

Usually image Ads are more attractive and easy to click but the text Ads are also better to provide high CTR. So, try to paste both types of Ads which make your blog dynamically good.

Placement Targeting

At the time of designing your website you have an option to add details about the Ads in which you have to show your ad types. Then you can put your advertisements for auction in the market by selecting Placement Targeting. You can enable the Placement Targeting manually by going through the following steps:

  • Log in to your AdSense Account
  • Go to My Ads
  • Now you have to click on Customs
  • Then Custom Channels
  • Now you have to click on one of the names which appears on your screen
  • Now it is simple to add details and check mark the Placement Targeting

Blocking Competitor’s Ads

You can block URLs of those Ads which offer Low Cost per Click this will increase your revenue by 10%. There are many Ads which can be displayed on your site and have very Low Cost per Click.  You can block these useless Ads easily.


how to block ads in Google Adsense

Blocking Of Categories:

It is very simple to block a category using the new interface of AdSense. The categories which perform poorly, you can block them easily. Many categories show good impression, but with very low income.  So, these types of categories must be blocked for better revenue. You can block the categories by going through “Allow” or “Block” Ads page.

YouTube AdSense:

With the help of the YouTube Publisher Program you can copyright your videos. This works better for your videos and its reliability depends upon the traffic of your videos. In current days, YouTube for Adsense is getting almost $45 per month.

My Suggestions for You:

If you don’t have any other source of income except Google AdSense Revenue, you should make some experiments with your site. Some of your experiments will prove as a good revenue collector and some will go down.

For example, you can change background themes of your Ads and notice that which one is getting more revenue. Then your choice must be the theme which collects high revenue and you can also share your experience with me through comments. I’ll feel pleasure to share my experience with you.

If you don’t have Google AdSense approval you can check out our website “TheFanManShow” Google AdSense Complete Guide for more programs to get revenue.

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