Jazz Super 4G Wingle Device Price in Pakistan and Packages Details

Jazz Super 4G Wingle Device Internet Packages Basic, Regular and Heavy
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Jazz Super 4G Wingle Device Internet Packages Basic, Regular and Heavy

Find Jazz Super 4G Wingle Device Internet Packages Basic Regular Heavy. Jazz Super 4G Wingle is a portable device and provides Jazz Monthly Internet Packages for the Jazz customers.

It consumes less space and provides a faster Internet experience on all Mobilink internet packages.

In our last article, we discussed Jazz Super 4G WiFi Device Internet Packages with you.

But in this topic, I will discuss Jazz Super 4G Wingle Device Internet Packages Basic Regular Heavy with the Mobilink internet users. However, there are other Jazz internet deices, Super 4G Wifi and Home Wifi

Jazz Super 4G Wingle Device Price in Pakistan:

This Jazz Internet Device costs you Rs. 3000.00 PKR only.

Note: The above-given price is only for Jazz Super 4G Wingle Device. Whether you have to purchase separate Jazz Internet bundles for data use.

Jazz Internet Packages for Mobilink 4G Wingle Device:

All these Jazz Internet Packages for a device only are allowed on Jazz Super 4G Wingle device users and the Mobilink Internet packages are mentioned in the below table with complete details and information:

PackageInternetValiditySubscribe CodeUnSubscribe CodeCheck Remaining MBRecharge Required
Jazz Internet Basic Package - Device Only 25GB Internet (12.5 GB usable from 1am-1pm) Monthly *117*71# *117*71*4# *117*71*2#
Rs. 1,050
Jazz Regular Package - Device Only 60 GB Internet Data (30GB 1AM To 1PM) 30 Days *117*73# *117*73*4# *117*73*2#
Rs. 1,850
Jazz Mega Bundle - Device Only 100 GB Internet Data (50GB 1AM To 1PM) 1 Month *117*36# *117*36*4# *117*36*2#
Rs. 2,100
Jazz Heavy Internet Package ? Device Only 150 GB Data (75GB 1AM TO 1PM) Monthly *117*74# *117*74*4# *117*74*2#
Rs. 2,600
Jazz Device 3 Months Internet Package 50 GB Per Month 3-Month *117*15# *117*15*4# *117*17*2#
Rs. 5,750
Jazz 4G Device 6 Months Internet Package 100 GB Per Month 6-Month *117*16#  *117*16*4# *117*18*2#
Rs. 12,500
Jazz Super 4G Welcome Back Offer 50 GB Per Month Free 15 GB (6AM-6PM) for Reactivation Customers 20GB/7day @Rs 320 Recharge 1 Month *6363*8# N/A *6363*4#
Rs. 1,050
Jazz MBB Super LBC Offer North -Device Only 70 GB Internet Per Month Monthly *117*65# *117*65*4# *117*65*2#
Rs. 1,550
Jazz MBB Super LBC Offer South - Device Only 36 Internet Per Month 30 Days *117*81# *117*81*4# *117*81*2#
Rs. 1,050
Jazz Location Based Offer Karach - Device Only 100 Internet Per Month 1-Month *117*80# *117*80*4# *117*80*2#
Rs. 2,100

Please remember that Jazz Super 4G Wingle Device Price in Pakistan is Rs. 3000 only

Technical & General Specifications:

  • This Jazz Internet Device supports WinXP (SP3 onwards)/Vista/Win7/Win8 Win10/MAC/Linux Operating Systems
  • It takes 5V voltage as input and gives 4.35V voltage as output and also it consumes a Maximum Power of 3.5W
  • Jazz Super 4G Wingle Device can support Micro-SD cards up to 32 GB
  • It has dimensions of 95.5mm length ×32.2mm width × 12.8mm Height
  • It connects up to 12 Wi-Fi devices
  • This Jazz Internet Device is a plug & play USB device

Precautions for Owner:

  • Keep this Jazz Internet Device 20cm away from medical devices like hearing aids or pacemakers etc.
  • Do not use this Mobilink Internet Device in the areas of high electromagnetic radiation
  • Turn the device off in prohibited areas such as aircraft, petrol stations, hospitals, oil warehouses, or chemical factories, where there are explosives gases or explosive products being processed
  • Do not open and touch the inner part of the Jazz device because it may harm the performance of the device
  • Keep the Mobilink Internet Device out of children’s reach
  • Use only original and authorized accessories for the Jazz Net device
  • Avoid all night charging your Jazz net device
  • Use only Nano-SIMs in the Jazz device
  • Always keep the Mobilink Internet Device in cool and dry places
  • Do not expose the Jazz device to moisture or water
  • Handle the Mobilink Internet Device carefully and avoid dropping it on the floor


For more queries and questions you can call on 111-300-300

We have discussed Jazz Super 4G Wingle Device Internet Packages Basic Regular Heavy with the Mobilink customers so far!

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