High Quality Link Building – Search Engines Ranking Factors

High Quality Link Building – Search Engines Ranking Factors

Now let’s talk about the other picture of the SEO that is called Off-The-Page SEO or sometimes Link Building. Google and all other major search engines more focus on link building that is counted as “votes” there may be some high PR link building websites and some of low PR but keep in mind that the higher PR links give the more presence value in the SERP.

The PR value is set by the Google from (1-10) and the each link pointing towards your webpage will be counted differently and as I said above that the high PR link will have more weightage upon low PR link

For example the Google gives more weightage to a link coming from a large, heavy and trusted website than a link coming from a commenting on blog. Because Google regular visits those heavy websites for ranking prospective and gives more value to them. Moreover, the links from the similar and more relevant websites are also given much preference.

No. of Links VS Quality of Links.

Many SEO technicians think that attaining a huge amount of links bring a successful SEO campaign for you. But from the opinions of the think tanks of the SEO, i.e, the Search Engine Land and the Moz suggests that attaining 500 links form one site has lesser impact rather than getting 500 links from different 500 websites.

Initially when the search engines were evolving, the search results were directly proportional to the no. of links (i.e. too many links will generate more presence in the search engines), but with the time being, the search engine like Google, has learned how to better evaluate the quality of the links.

Also, it’s better to avoid link baiting techniques and others like using the automated link building softwares to build links blindly. This is very bad and falls in the category of ‘spamming”. Because Google is more focusing on quality link building not on the link building.

Anchor Text VS Naked URLs

Anchor text are the words within a link and are seen by the search engines as the way one website is describing another. This is a clickable part of the hyperlink. This is also called the link label or the link title. The links without anchor text are called the naked URLs and are not given preference by the search engines. Also, the use of topic oriented keywords in the anchor text is also taken as the ranking signal for the search engine.

Bad anchor text example: For more information click here

Better Example: For more information about Anchor Text, anchor text definition

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