iphone 7 plus battery

An information came into account by a most reliable resource about Apple’s iPhone that upcoming new model iPhone 7 will have the boosted battery timing and more space up by 14% over the existing iPhone 6s.

iphone 7 battery
iphone 7 battery

Steve Hammers offer has stated to twitter once more as an idea about upcoming iPhone 7 plus which is engaged for public relief this coming September will having the battery capacity of 1,960 mAh as compared to the 1,715 mAh cell found in present Apple, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6s.

Anyone who has sharp concern with smartphone world will probably realize that Hammerstoffer has diachronically been highly exact when making contend about upcoming hardware.

iphone 6s battery
iphone 6s battery

In this case all the information are not as 100% exact but almost, as are provider of the iPhone 7 battery information. If it’s the fact, meaning that according to all assumptions the iPhone 7 propose a very longer time battery over the current model of iPhones, but many other elements are unobjective at all.

It’s becoming very hard to improve the battery life and to make a cell with larger power strong capacity due to narrow space innerly because the device of iPhone gets litter, diluent and at the end close packed. Given the reality that the iPhone 7 hoped to keep the same design and size like iPhone 6s, it’s very clear to know that Apple has found the way to make larger battery in the inner element’s space.

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