Ufone Call Packages Daily Weekly Monthly Hourly 2 Days 3 Days 15 Days

Ufone Call Packages Daily Weekly Monthly Hourly 2 Days 3 Days 15 Days

Here are Ufone Call Packages Daily, Weekly and Monthly. Also find Ufone Call Packages Codes for all Networks, 2 hours, 24 hours, 3 Days, and 15 Days.

As we all know that Ufone is famous for its multi-range Packages in 2022.

That’s why we have gathered in-depth details of Ufone Call Packages Daily weekly and monthly, including SMS and Internet data incentives.

Ufone monthly call packages are very healthy for its subscribers. Ufone always takes care of its valued customers. There is a range of Packages for the users.

Ufone started its journey on the 29th of January, 2001, and became the foremost and best quality Service Provider in Pakistan. Ufone started as a third Mobile Operator in entire Pakistan.


Now all the valued customers of Ufone can enjoy a variety of the best Ufone call packages 2022. These are mainly categorized as daily, weekly, and monthly.

So let’s discuss each of them one by one.

Ufone Call Packages Hourly – Prepaid

There are extraordinarily Ufone call packages 1 hour and 2 hours at very cheaper rates as compared to other mobile network operators working in Pakistan. Here is the complete detail about all Ufone hourly call packages in 2022.

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Lately, more Service Providers took part in providing services in Pakistan that’s why the competition became very tough but Ufone remains the best amongst all due to its quality services. That’s why the Pakistani youth is actively attracted to Ufone Call Packages 2022. Most of the youth also like the Ufone Internet Packages as they say the Ufone service is the best in Pakistan.

It is true that Ufone has never lost its quality in all its departments. Right now, Ufone is having more than 24 Million of its subscribers in Pakistan. It has a market share of 18% among Mobile Operators and had acquired a 5MHz portion of the 2100 MHz spectrum in the NGMS auction held in early 2014.

However,  due to rising demand and lack of bandwidth to keep up, in December 2016, Ufone decided to reform a portion of its 900 MHz 2G Network to 3G (HSPA+) and is now offering 3G over two frequencies to deal with the increasing load on the Network.

Ufone always tries to provide the latest and best quality technology to its valued customers that are the reason it has launched 4G technology by purchasing its license for 4G technology in Pakistan. Then we have seen an increase in the number of users who have subscribed to the variety of weekly Ufone call pkg and call pkg 1 hour.

Ufone has won the Best Telecommunication Service Provider Award at the 2012 PAS Awards by the Pakistan Advertisers Society. This award proved to be a boost in its quality. Today, its customers are enjoying its highest 3g Internet Speed in Pakistan.

For Ufone call packages 2022, the organization has Network coverage at Ten Thousand (10,000) locations all across Pakistan which declare its best quality all over Pakistan.

Ufone also provides the lowest Calls Offers and SMS rates among all other Service Providers. Ufone is offering a range of Call Packages Codes for subscription and un-subscription. These Packages are based on different rates with different durations. A bundle of Ufone Call Packages is available for daily, weekly, and monthly subscriptions. Besides these, Ufone also provides call packages for 2 hours, 24 hours, 3 days, and 15 days. But its users mostly like the Ufone call package all network.

With these hybrid cheap call packages, you can listen to music, stream YouTube videos and movies, use social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, and IMO to send text, and voice messages, and watch video clips sent by your friends and family. Users can send short text messages and pictures to you and other friends, and even they can stay connected with their relatives and friends & family through the Internet all over the world by using exciting Ufone Internet Packages.

PackageU-U & PTCL MinutesInternetSMSValidityActivation CodeCheck Remaining ResourcesPrice
Ufone Best Call Offer (3 Pe 3) Unlimited Minutes N/A N/A 2 Hours Dial *343# Dial *706#
Rs. 6.5
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Ufone Power Hour 60 minutes 60 MB 60 1 Hour Dial *99# Dial *707#
Rs. 7.17
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Ufone Call Packages Daily – Prepaid

Best Day Offer, Daily Pakistan Offer, and Beyhisaab Offer are the cheapest daily Ufone call packages in 2022. Here is a list of all Ufone Call Packages Daily and you can select any offer according to your requirement. Ufone is the one who not only provides the cheapest call packages but also is famous for other networks and internet data incentives to satisfy all the customer needs.

PackageU-U & PTCL MinutesInternet MBsValidityActivation CodeCheck RemainingPrice
Ufone Super 5 Offer 100 On-Net Minutes + 100 SMS N/A (5 AM to 5 PM) Daily *5252# *706#
Rs. 6.49
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Ufone Din Bhar Plus Offer 100 Ufone to Ufone & PTCL Minutes 5 MBs (9 AM to 5 PM) Daily *445# *707#
Rs. 7
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Ufone Best Day Offer 500 On-Net Minutes 500 MBs for Facebook only 1 Day Dial *6060# *706#
Rs. 11.99+Tax
Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer 100 10 MB 1 Day Subscribe Code Dial *888# Unsubscribe Code: Dial *8880# Dial *707#
Rs. 19
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Ufone Beyhisaab Offer / 24 Ghantay Offer Unlimited On-Net Minutes (Max 300 Mins) N/A 24 Hours Dial *5700# Dial *706#
Rs. 14.5
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Special Call Offer (Selected Areas) Unlimited (U-U, PTCL) Minutes N/A 24 Hours Dial *062# Dial *706#
Rs. 3 + Tax

Ufone 2 Days Call Packages – Prepaid

Ufone 2 days call packages 2022 are valid for 48 hours. With Ufone Super Recharge Offer, users can get free minutes, MBs and free SMS for 48 hours. Following are the Ufone two days call packages codes for subscription and unsubscription.

PackageU-U & PTCL MinutesOff-Net MinutesInternet MBsSMSValidityActivation CodeCheck Remaining ResourcesPrice
Ufone Super Recharge Offer 300 On-Net Minutes 20 Off-Net Minutes 100 MBs 700 2 Days *300# Dial *706#
Rs. 60
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How to Subscribe to Ufone 2 Days Call Package

Ufone Call Packages 3 Days – Prepaid

Ufone 3 day call packages are limited and only 3 Day Hybrid Bundle is available for its users. Subscribers can make unlimited calls Ufone to Ufone and PTCL only for 3 Days in just Rs. 30 + tax.

PackageU-U & PTCL MINUTESInternetSMSValidityActivation CodePrice
Ufone Call Package 3 Day Unlimited On-Net Minutes 30 MBs 300 3 Days Dial *5353#
Rs.30 + Tax
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Ufone Call Packages Weekly – Prepaid

Ufone weekly call packages come up with 7 days duration. The most used are Ufone Best Weekly Offer, Super Minutes Package, Talk-Time Offer, Weekly Pakistan Offer, and Asli Chappar Phaar Offer.

These are introduced to stay tension free for the whole week. If you are a busy person and don’t want to subscribe to any of the Ufone Daily or Hourly packages, then Ufone Weekly Call Package is the best choice for you because you do not need to go out daily recharge.

Let’s discuss all the comprehensive details about Ufone weekly call packages codes for subscriptions one by one.

PackageU-U & PTCL MinutesOff-Net MinutesInternetSMSValidityActivation CodeCheck RemainingPrice
Nayi SIM Free Offer 1000 On-Net Minutes N/A 4 GB(1 GB WhatsApp + 1 GB Facebook) N/A 7 Days Dial *1000# Dial *706#
Rs. Free
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Ufone Talk-Time Offer Unlimited On-Net Minutes (9 AM - 9 PM) (Max 1,000 Mins) N/A N/A N/A 7 Days To subscribe dial *6789# *706#
Rs. 52.17
Nayi SIM Offer 80 500 On-Net Minutes 20 Off-Net Minutes 2 GB(1 GB WhatsApp + Facebook) 500 Weekly Dial *1000# Dial *706#
Rs. 80
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Nayi SIM Offer 100 1000 On-Net Minutes 30 Off-Net Minutes 5 GB(2.5 GB WhatsApp + Facebook) 1000 Weekly Dial *1000# Dial *706#
Rs. 100
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Ufone Weekly Pakistan Offer 700 N/A 100 MBs N/A Weekly To subscribe dial *8888# To unsubscribe dial *8880# Dial *707#
Rs. 100
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UFone Best Weekly Offer 1000 On-Net Minutes N/A 2 GB for Facebook Only N/A 7 Days *7070# *706#
Rs. 120
Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar Offer 100 N/A 1000 MB 100 7 Days Dial *5050# Dial *707#
Rs. 120
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Ufone Super Minutes N/A 125 N/A N/A 7 Days *210# *706#
Rs. 160
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Ufone 15 Days Call Packages – Prepaid

There are two Mini Super Card and New SIM Offer Rs.250 Recharge are the only Ufone 15 Days Call Packages available for its customers.

Here’s a comprehensive details on each Ufone 15 days call package:

PackageU-U & PTCL MinutesOff-Net MinutesInternetSMSValidityActivation CodeCheck Remaining ResourcesPrice
Ufone Nayi SIM Offer 250 2500 On-Net Minutes 50 Off-Net Mints 8 GB(4 GB WhatsApp + Facebook) 2500 15 Days Dial *1000# Dial *706#
Rs. 250
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Ufone Mini Super Card 600 On-Net Minutes 75 Off-Net Mints 1000 MBs 3500 15 Days *230# *706#
Rs. 349
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Ufone Monthly Call Packages – Prepaid

Monthly Ufone call packages are usually called the super card packages and these include Super Card Gold, Super Card Max, Super Card Plus, and go on to Ufone Monthly Pakistan Offer, Nayi Sim Double Offer, and SIM Lagao Offer. Super Cards are also known as Ufone to other network call packages because these are designed intelligently to provide off-net minutes and internet data volumes.

Ufone Monthly call packages have given great relief to its subscribers for the whole month. You can opt to stay tense free 30 consecutive days. See the table below to select the best one according to your needs.

PackageU-U & PTCL MinutesOff-Net MinutesInternet MBs/GBsSMSValidityActivation CodeCheck Remaining ResourcesPrice
"Ufone SIM Lagao Offer" 6000 50 On-Net Mins Daily Rs. 5 Recharge and Get More 50 On-Net Mins Daily N/A 6000 MBs and 50 MBs of Internet Daily Rs. 5 Recharge and Get More 50 MBs Internet Daily 6000 50 SMS Daily Rs. 5 Recharge and Get More 50 SMS Daily 60 Days *5000# Dial *706#
Rs. 0
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"Ufone Monthly Pakistan Offer 430" 4000 On-Net Minutes N/A 400 MBs N/A Monthly Subscription Code: *8888# Unsub Code: *8880# Dial *707#
Rs. 430
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Ufone Super Card 520 Old 1000 On-Net Mints 150 Off-net Mints 1200 MBs 4000 SMS 30 Days *240# Dial *706#
Rs. 520
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Ufone Naye SIM Double Offer on Ufone Super Card (520) 2000 On-Net Minutes 300 Off-Net Minutes 2400 MBs 8000 SMS 30 Days *141# Dial *706#
Rs. 520
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Ufone Super Card Plus 699 2000 On-Net Minutes 225 Off-Net Minutes 10 GB Internet Data Volume 4200 SMS Monthly Dial *250# and To subscribe for a loved one dial *3*2# Dial *706#
Rs. 699
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Ufone New SIM Double Offer On Recharge of Super Card Plus 4000 On-Net Minutes 450 Off-Net Minutes 6 GB Internet Data + 5GB Facebook + 2GB WhatsApp 8400 SMS 30 Days Dial *141# Dial *706#
Rs. 699
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Ufone Super Card Max 749 (New) Unlimited On-Net Minutes 350 Off-Net Minutes 14 GB Internet Data Volume 4500 SMS 30 Days *629# Dial *706#
Rs. 749
Nayi Sim Double Offer On Recharge of Super Card Max 7000 On-Net Minutes 700 Off-Net Minutes 14GB Internet Data + 5GB Facebook + 2GB WhatsApp 9000 SMS Monthly Dial *141# Dial *706#
Rs. 749
Ufone Super Card Gold 1099 (New) Unlimited On-Net Minutes 500 Off-Net Minutes 20 GB Internet Data Volume Unlimited Monthly *900# Dial *706#
Rs. 1099
Ufone Nayi Sim Double Offer On Recharge of Super Card Gold 10500 On-Net Minutes 1000 Off-Net Minutes 20 GB Internet Data Volume + 7GB Facebook + 3GB WhatsApp 10,000 30 Days Dial *141# Dial *706#
Rs. 1099

Ufone UPower Card Details 30 – 60 – 100 – 250 (All in One Package)

UFone UPower All in One Package gives you an option to “Apni Marzi Chala” with UPower 30, UPower 60, UPower 100, UPower 250, and UPower Internet. UPower gives you 4 options with respect to incentives, you can go for a hybrid bundle (all incentives partially), only off-net minutes (Ufone other network call package only) on-net minutes (Ufone to Ufone Unlimited Call Packages only), or the 4th and last one only choose to use it as Ufone internet package.

Let’s have a closer look at all these Ufone UPower Cards:

PackageOption 1 – All in OneOption 2 - InternetOption 3 – All Networks CallsOption 4 - U-U & PTCL CallsValidityActivation CodeCheck Remaining CodePrice
UFone UPower 30 All in One 250 MBs Internet 200 On-Net Mins 10 Off-Net Mins 1 GB (512 MBs is useable 2 AM - 2 PM) 25 Off-Net Minutes Unlimited Minutes (FUP of 1200 Minutes Applies) 24 Hours Activation Code: Dial *123*1*Card Number# Activation Code: Dial *123*2*Card Number# Activation Code: Dial *123*3*Card Number# Activation Code: Dial *123*4*Card Number# Dial *706#
Rs. 30
UFone UPower 60 Package 500 MBs Internet 500 On-Net Mins 20 Off-Net Mins 2 GB (1GB is useable 2 AM - 2 PM) 50 Off-Net Minutes Unlimited Minutes (FUP 2000 Minutes Applies) 48 Hours Same as Above Dial *706#
Rs. 60
UFone UPower 100 All in One 1GB Internet 1000 On-Net Mins 25 Off-Net Mins 3 GB (1.5 GB is useable 2 AM - 2 PM) 80 Off-Net Minutes Unlimited Minutes (FUP 2500 Minutes Applies) 7 Days Same as Above Dial *706#
Rs. 100
UFone UPower Package 250 5 GB Internet 2500 On-Net Mins & SMS 80 Off-Net Mins 16 GB (8 GB is useable 2 AM - 2 PM) 250 Off-Net Minutes Unlimited Minutes (FUP 8000 Minutes Applies) Weekly Same as Above Dial *706#
Rs. 250

Final Words

We have discussed Ufone daily, weekly, and monthly call packages. Besides these we have also listed all hourly, 2 days, 3 days and 15 days Call Packages with you. But, it’s your own choice whether you go for a Ufone Super Card Family or select a UPower Card to make free calls, send free SMS and use extra-ordinary super-fast 4G internet.

However, Ufone monthly call packages are the best choice for all of you to get a monthly relief from going again and again to the Easy Load shop. You can just subscribe to Ufone monthly Pakistan offer or go for any Super Card Offer and make unlimited U-U and PTCL calls and can even be used as Ufone to other network call packages because all the super cards include off-net minutes.

More Ufone Packages for you: