How to Install WordPress in Other Languages – Multilingual WordPress installation

multilingual WordPress installation

How to Set up Multilingual WordPress installation

Do you want to install WordPress multiple languages through a WordPress language plugin? Here’s how to install a WordPress in multi-language without plugin?

The article is all about multilingual WordPress installation other than English. The WordPress is fully and automated supported in almost 63 languages. You can install in the language that suits to your location or as a native language of your webpage.

So, here you will be fully guided as for how to install multilingual WordPress in an easy and effective way.

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How to Reset WordPress Admin Password on Localhost?

Reset WordPress Admin Password on Localhost

How to Reset WordPress Admin Password on Localhost

Is your WordPress password reset not working on localhost? Here’s how to properly reset admin password in WordPress using localhost.

What if you are using WordPress on localhost and accidentally forgot your password! It’s a much panic condition and everyone want to get rid of it. So how to reset WordPress admin password on localhost is something easy to resolve.

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WordPress Permalinks not Working in WampServer Solution

Solution: When WordPress Permalinks not Working in WampServer

Are you fed up by the Permalinks error 404 in your WampServer or localhost. Here is the solution for your issue with 4 simple steps.

In previous articles, we have discussed various WordPress topics such as:

But, today we will discuss a permanent solution for an issue when WordPress permalinks not working 404 error.

Let’s start the solution when requested URL was not found on this server WordPress localhost

Step 1. Go  to WampServer

Step 2. Click on Apache

Step 3. Then go to Apache Modules in the submenu

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