Emberify: Top 8 Content Ideas to Garner More Followers on Instagram

Instagram is not just a platform to build connections and share visual content with like-minded people all over the world. It’s more than what you think! Yes! With a clear understanding of this versatile application’s highly-engaging audiences and in-app features, businesses are investing their valuable time, effort, and money here to stand out from the competition.

It is a well-known fact that an Instagram account can’t be built overnight. Also, there is no exact number of posts to get the best results. And so, it is essential to brainstorm ideas and share posts at regular intervals to strengthen your Instagram presence.

8 Content Ideas to Increase Followers on Instagram

If you are looking for the best content ideas, then this article is for you. Get inspired and curate content in your own style to shine out. Furthermore, try free instagram views trial to boost content visibility and reach a bulk of audience at no cost. All right! Now let us dive into the collection of content ideas to post on Instagram to increase followers.

1. Share Your Daily Routine

Whether you are an individual or a brand, you need a particular range of followers to meet your diverse goals. It’s not simple to convince your target audience and convert them into loyal customers. You should give them a valid reason to follow you.

The routine of every person differs from one others. Sharing the everyday happenings of your personal or professional life creates a bond between you and your audience. They would feel a personal connection and follow your profile to stay in touch with your forever.

2. Share Your Current Actions

If you are currently working on anything related to your target audience, share it in detail as an image or video. For example, consider you are reading an amazing book or watching a feel-good series. Give an overview or review the respective stuff and post it in your profile.

The audiences who are interested in your content will include your recommendations in their routine. And so there are more chances that they may follow your profile to consume more similar content in the near future. Apart from this, opt Emberify to enhance your profile exposure and shine out from your competitors.

3. Share Behind-the-Scenes of Your Life

BTS (Behind-the-Scenes) is a great way to showcase your transparency and trustworthiness. From small businesses to large corporations, consider this idea to build trust among the audience and encourage them to follow.

Film a video or capture images of behind-the-scenes of your living area, workspace, or what else you need to share with your audience. For instance, if you are a content creator related to the travel niche, show how you pack bags, how you plan a trip, what you carry for traveling, and so on.

4. Share the Significant Moments

Being an active social media user, you might have come across several good moments or milestones in your journey. For example, your first 100 followers, a post that received 1k+ engagement, a video that has gone viral, and more.

Whatever it can be, create and share it as a post on Instagram. If you have shared in the Stories section, don’t forget to add them in the Highlights area. So that future profile visitors may get to know about your success and join themselves as your follower based on trust.

5. Share Your Short-term & Long-term Goals

Ever noticed the bio space of any Instagram Business account? Business owners or professionals mention what they want to achieve within a time period. Example: ‘In a mission to educate 5k+ people’, ‘Striving to attain 100k+ followers, etc.

Similarly, you can mention the short-term or long-term goals you need to achieve in your lifetime. When you share your goals with your community, it may bring in audiences who have similar interests. Consequently, you will gain followers and an audience base for your content.

6. Share Motivational Content

It is human nature to feel demotivated and lose interest in doing something. So, people used to rejuvenate themselves by watching motivational videos, reading inspirational stories, and more.

Take this as an opportunity to impress your audience and encourage them to follow your Instagram profile. The content can be anything like motivational quotes, success stories, inspirational celebrities, life-changing ideas, and many more that will be beneficial for social media users.

7. Ask Audiences to Tag Friends

The main objective of every Instagram user is to expand the audience circle organically. Therefore, you cannot blindly dive into paid advertising, influencer marketing, or any other sources until you grow your audiences.

Whenever you share a post on your Instagram profile, encourage users to tag their friends, family, or partners. The people tagged in your post may visit your profile and probably become your follower. Besides, take advantage of Emberify to uplift your engagement rate and accelerate your profile growth with more followers.

8. Cross-Promote Your Content

Another best idea to increase followers is to cross-promote content you post across all other social channels. There is no assurance that all your Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube audiences will follow you on Instagram. Hence it is better to share your content on multiple social media that are more or less similar.

Make sure you adopt application guidelines and that your content fits well with the application. This is because tweet content cannot be directly shared on Instagram. As a result, the content length and format will differ from one another.

So, before posting, make the necessary changes and tweak the content to suit it for the respective application. In this way, you can fall in the eyes of a wider audience and get a chance to make them your followers.

Final Thoughts

Thus, these are the content ideas you should try to increase your followers on Instagram. Since follower rate directly impacts your profile growth, curate a personalized plan, and invest your time and effort to increase the numbers effectively.

You’re not just limited to using only certain content formats of feed posts. You have vast options to choose from, such as Reels, Stories, Live videos, and more. So, show off your creativity to make your audiences fall for your content.

Good luck 🙂