How Search Engines Operate?

How Do Search Engines operate?

Let us take an example of a librarian of the books library to understand the term quoted above.
Suppose there is a library of books in the university, college or in a school where different kinds of books containing poetry, science, medicines, marketing, management, computer networks, fine arts etc. are available for the students from a different discipline.

Whenever a student needs a book it will go to the librarian and demands for that specific book. (more…)

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What is SEO / Search Engine Optimization

what is seo - WordPress SEO

What is SEO and How to Optimize WordPress SEO

I believe you are searching for what is SEO and how to optimize WordPress SEO step by step.

After ten years of experience in SEO, I finally started this step-by-step complete SEO guide for you. This guide will not only cover the basics of general SEO, WordPress SEO but also the advanced SEO techniques and methods of natural link building. At the end, even if you are a fresher you will gain a lot that will help you to drive tons of organic traffic towards your website/blog.


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What is Search Engine?

What is a Search Engine?

We can refer a search engine an answering machine when a person search a query in the search box and hit the enter, the search engine looks into its databases and performs the following functions against the submitted request, 1st, it returns the most relevant results upon the submitted query 2nd it ranks all those results on the basis of website popularity regarding information contained in them.

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