Tips and Tricks for Playing Sea of Thieves game

Tips and Tricks for Playing Sea of Thieves game

Looking at the gameplay of Sea of Thieves, you’ll see it nearly doesn’t instruct you on how to play it. Notwithstanding, it’s still one of the most played games in the gaming community. Since players find it challenging to adapt to the gameplay, we’ve come up with some practical tips and tricks for playing Sea of Thieves. 

If you’re a newcomer to SoT, we advise you to check out the Premium Sea of Thieves Hacks for smoother gameplay. However, read on as we share the tips and tricks for playing the Sea of Thieves game.

Tips and Tricks to Play Sea of Thieves Game

You can surely make your game easy and interesting with these tips and tricks. Keep reading to know all. 

  • Understand the game, first

Sea of Thieves is a PC adventure game. It allows gamers to play as pirates, touring the different maps with three aims. These include learning teamwork, completing dangerous quests, and chasing treasures.

Players can collaborate with others to decode exciting mysteries and chase hidden treasures. On the other hand, they can fight against another team. 

Also, players can restore their health with food (fruits and repair their pirate ship with planks, etc. If you can understand how the game works, making the most of it becomes an easy task. 

  • Always buy storage and resource crates.

Before you start your adventure, visit the Merchant alliance to get your storage and resource crates to stock up and set for adventure. If you buy the storage crate before exiting the outpost, stock it up with the necessary supplies you find.

You can find better food, chain shots, cursed cannonballs, firebombs, blender bombs, etc., and organize your barrels. For instance, you can put all your chain shots, cannonballs, blunders, and firebombs on top while the cursed cannonballs occupy the bottom. 

But in the storage crate, you can put healthy food in the top barrel and crappy food in the bottom.

  • Collect good food with high healing rates

In Sea of Thieves, you’ll find a lot of bananas, coconut, pomegranate, mango, and pineapple. One thing you must know is that these fruits have different healing rates. The healing rate of bananas is 20%. That means a bite of banana gives you 20% of health. 

The healing rate of coconut is 30%. It means that one bite replenishes 30% of your health. The pomegranate replenishes 40% of your health with one bite. Mango gives you 50% health with one bite. 

Pineapple replenishes 100% of your health with two bites. Seeing this, you may want to collect more food with a high healing rate.

  • Choose your ship carefully.

Salutes are the most reliable ship for going freely into the wind. However, it’s the slowest when catching the wind in the sail. If another ship is after you, aim your ship straight to the wind and flatten your sails. This mechanic in the game gives you maximum escape speed.

To be on the safe side, always watch the horizon as you sail around. You don’t want to start sailing away when an enemy ship is already behind you. Monitoring the horizon regularly allows you to mark where ships are if possible. This will help you stay safe while you voyage. 

  • Always sell off your treasures.

Always sell treasures as frequently as possible, especially if you’re playing solo in Sea of Thieves. The more treasure you hoard in your ship, the more vulnerable you become. Sail towards the outposts; you will find a merchant to sell your treasures.

If you’re a bit confused about locating the outpost, you can view the map table on your ship. That way, you can find your way around the river and any part of the sea. Viewing the map, you can estimate the distance between your ship and the outpost. If it’s far, sail faster to reach the outpost and sell your treasures on time.

  • Engage but never trust everyone you meet on the seas

You can’t tell the true intention of everyone in Sea of Thieves. As the name implies, some are there to steal, destroy, and betray. So don’t trust everyone. Some players may be requesting to ally. You can’t tell if he’s truly genuine or just trying to end your run in the game.

They can board your ship, eliminate you, loot your loot, steal your food and resources, etc. So, don’t trust everyone, and at the same time, don’t fight everyone. Be vigilant and cautious.


When playing Sea of Thieves, buying resources and storage crates is always important. With these, you can always store resources like cannon bombs, blunders, food, etc. Also, always sell off your treasures as frequently as possible. 

You want to avoid becoming the center of attraction to the other furious pirates. More importantly, engage with people but only trust some of them. Some have sneaky intentions.

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