PrepAway Cisco 300-320 Exam Details Objectives And Preparation Guide

PrepAway Cisco 300-320 Exam: Details, Objectives, Preparation Options in One Guide

Cisco 300-320 Exam Preparation Guide

The Cisco credentials are some of the most sought-after certificates across the world. If you are really interested in building a career in the field of IT, earning one or two certificates from this vendor is definitely what you need.

In other words, whether you are new in the industry and have to start from the entry-level or you are already an experienced professional who need to upgrade the qualifications, you can be sure that there is always a certification path that you can pursue with PrepAway.

One of the top certificates under the Cisco certification program is CCDP (Cisco Certified Design Professional). This is a highly coveted credential, and many professionals would like to achieve it. To get this certification, you have to pass three different exams: Cisco 300-101, Cisco 300-115, and Cisco 300-320. This guide is focused on the last certification test: Cisco 300-320 ARCH.

Cisco 300-320 Exam: Details

Cisco 300-320 ARCH, Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures, is made up of 60-70 questions, and the candidates have a total of 75 minutes for the completion, which means you have a little above one minute for each question. The implication of this is that the students must be well prepared before attempting the exam to avoid failing. You can expect different question types during your test. Some questions that you may come across include multiple choice with multiple or single answers, drag and drop, fill-in-the-blank, simlets, testlets, and simulations.

The exam is designed to measure your capability to handle the newest development associated with the design and network technologies. They involve WAN technologies, L2 and L3 infrastructure for enterprise, data center integration, network security, and network services. There are specific contents that the candidates for this certification test are expected to master and gain competence in. Your ability as an examinee to do this will ultimately ensure your success in Cisco 300-320 ARCH.

Cisco 300-320 Exam: Objectives

The Cisco 300-320 certification exam is aimed to evaluate certain skills of the exam candidates. These abilities are embedded in the exam topics and subtopics. The students are required to go through the topics and develop a strong understanding before they attempt the test. These themes are highlighted below:

  • Advanced Enterprise Campus Networks
  • Advanced Addressing & Routing Solutions for Enterprise Networks
  • Enterprise Data Center Integration
  • WANs for Enterprise Networks
  • Network Services
  • Security Services

It is important to note that these are basically guidelines that are likely to be included in the certification exam. There might be some other topics that you might come across at the point of the test. Therefore, you need to study other content areas that are related to the objectives highlighted above. There are numerous platforms that you can explore for exam prep tools and one of the top sites to check out is PrepAway. This website offers a wide range of resource materials that will be of great assistance in the preparation for your 300-320 test.

Cisco 300-320 Exam: Preparation Process

There are different options available for preparation for the 300-320 exam. Cisco recommends some training courses to improve the success potentials of candidates, including Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures v3.0. You might also want to consider classroom training, which is delivered through the Cisco authorized learning partners across the world.

The classroom training covers the instructor-led classes by reliable and reputable Cisco partners. With this form of preparation, the students will have one-on-one interaction with the instructor and they can ask any question about the certification test. There is also the opportunity to connect with other like-minded professionals who can help you work through the exam process.

You can also choose the e-learning option, which gives you a flexible learning opportunity. This is a self-paced training option that you can explore at your convenience. The e-learning training also comes with numerous study materials that you can go through during your self-study time. Cisco also offers the lab environments to equip the applicants with the practical knowledge of the exam content. You can explore the certification page to explore the links to the lab environments provided by Cisco.

Practice questions are also an integral part of the exam prep process. You need to be able to evaluate your level of readiness for the test, and there is no better way to achieve this like going through a series of practice exam questions. PrepAway offers the perfect platform to explore real practice questions. You can also check out exam dumps available on the site to get you ready for your Cisco 300-320. Additionally, you might want to join a study group to gain more insight into the certification exam process. You can join a CCDP study group and work with other test takers as a team to prepare for the Cisco 300-320 exam.

There are various resource platforms where you can access training tools for your exam. However, it is essential to mention that you need to be careful when choosing a site to explore. You must ensure that the website is reputable and has good reviews from users all over the globe. You definitely would not like to waste your time on a platform that has nothing to offer.


When it comes to the actual writing of the 300-320test, the first thing you have to do is to register with the exam administrator – Pearson VUE. To register and schedule your certification test, you are required to pay the fee. It is essential to remember that this fee is valid for only one exam. This means if you do not pass your test that you have registered and paid for, you will have to rewrite it and pay a new fee to be able to take it again. To avoid this, it is highly recommended that you adequately prepare for the exam before you attempt it.

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