Does every FanMan is keen to drive more traffic through targeted keywords in their daily posts?

If yes, then here is the secret recipe of creating your blog posts Keyword Targeted.

Whenever someone talks about to optimizing a web page then he has to take care of two factors and some of you are already familiar with none other than they are obviously On page Optimization and Off page Optimization. The main focus of this article is to train you people about On page Optimization, definitely I will declare all the facts about off page optimization in my later posts.

So here we start now.

Whenever we are working on onsite optimization with our website we will have to optimize our content with our targeted keywords, which means to focus on proper title, heading structure, keywords analysis and its placement as according with our content, the qualitative and quantitative content and the URL structure of the whole website or a single page etc. and we will look into every aspect of these and other ingredients in this detailed post.

Why On Page Optimization is Necessary?

Search Engine is nothing but a wise code, comprised on set of instructions to validate and rank a page technically. It involves various factors for ranking a specific page for certain keyword(s). So it’s better to help the Search Engines and make a search engine friendly page and let it allow to pick the targeted keywords from page content and make it more targetable and convenient

What happens when we do so? Actually we have given the search engine the right food with it was demanding as accordingly with its set of instructions or the guidelines. This is the proven method to get higher rank in SERP.

Googleranking factors 2016
Search engine ranking factors 2016

Before going into context of this article let me share with you the latest Onpage search engine factors 2016:

The above graph is prepared by the team of Search Metrics after analyzing the top pages in the Google Search. The graph is showing that the Search Engine Ranking Factors 2016 have been changed enough than of the


factors 2015 the relevant terms, keywords in body and keywords in internal links are the most important factors for ranking higher in the search results. The other recipe for higher ranking and increasing traffic to your website or a page is to add the topic oriented videos and the most relevant images to your page. By doing so you will get more attention of the visitors and they will come again and again                                                                                    towards your site whenever they need information.

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