Hidden Codes for QMobile Android Phones 2018

Are you searching for QMobile security code? Don’t go anywhere Hidden codes for QMobile Android Phones 2018 are given here with all possible details.

In my earlier article, I have discussed All Hidden Codes For OPPO Android Phones 2017  and All Secret Codes For iPhone 2018.

But today I am going to reveal secret codes for QMobile, you must know before purchase or while using.

Now proceed towards secret codes for Qmobile.

Because of its low prices and user-friendly software, QMobile is becoming popular among all the mobile companies. Here, we are going to show some secret codes that can be used with QMobiles to get understand the software and hardware of the devices.

Surely, you will get QMobile privacy code, QMobile restore factory setting code and much more which will help you to solve specific problems which occur using QMobiles.

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Let’s start all the hidden codes for QMobile Android phones 2018

Hidden Codes for QMobile Android Phones 2018

QMobile Secret Codes List:

Carefully read QMobile secret codes given below and you can use them at your own risk. Some codes may not work for any device but from my side, all codes are working properly.

Codes for QMobile Android Phones 2017
Secret Codes Functionality
2945#*# It is used for test mode in all QMobile models
*#06# It displays IMEI number of device
*8375# It shows information of the software version
*6861# It recounts checksum
#PWR 668 It used for factory test
1945#*5101# It is used to open SIM lock menu
277634#*# It is used to read the basic information about the device
277634#*# It is used to rest the phone without SIM
2945#*88110# It is used to unlock the menu with SIM
(000000) Master code for all QMobile Phones
*#987*99# It is used to restore factory settings
492662464663# It shows test menu for 8180 V10A model
*#369# It controls the LCD contrast
*#9900# It allows to enter in System Dump Mode

Note: Our site is not responsible for the misuse of these codes because these codes are provided for the general purpose usage. These codes are taken from different experiences. Do not use any code if you don’t have sufficient knowledge about these codes.

There are many sensitive codes that can harm the stability of your cell phone. In case of any damage, our site will not take responsibility.

We have discussed above “Hidden Codes for QMobile Android Phones 2018″. 

Share your experience with us how you find these useful through the comment section.

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