How Many Views on YouTube to Make 1 Dollar

After The Success of my last post on “How to Make Money on YouTube”, I encouraged enough to write on how many views on YouTube to make 1 dollar?

Through wonderful and interesting comments, I received many questions about:

How much money do you make per 1000 views on YouTube?

What is the minimum payout on YouTube money per view?

What is the YouTube pay rate?

How many subscribers do you need to get paid on YouTube?

How much does YouTube pay you for 1 million views?

How many views on YouTube to get paid?

How does YouTube pay you for your videos?

How much money do you make on YouTube per view?

How many views on YouTube till you get paid?

How to increase YouTube pay rates? 

All these above questions relate to how many views on Youtube to make 1 Dollar because if you find out how to earn 1 dollar on Youtube then you can calculate whatever you are searching for!

And I found this article a better way to answer all these questions about YouTube earnings.

I discussed these questions with many YouTubers too and finally, dig my senses little deeper to establish more sustainable strategies for our regular visitors.

In the next article, I’ll also discuss the scenarios of different successful YouTubers just to ensure you that YouTube is matchless as an earning site.

In fact, some of the questions are quite similar to each other this is why I settled a comprehensive answer to these questions and that is:

So, let’s take a start on how many views on Youtube to make 1 Dollar!

and here is the first scenario!

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How much money do you make per 1000 views on YouTube?

The reality is that YouTubers don’t get money for people watching their videos; they get money the people watching the ads placed on their videos by AdSense.

AdSense is a subsidiary tool of the Google which is used to place the ads on the videos. AdSense allows the ads that are somehow related to the videos.

For example, your video has 1000 views but only there were 100 times the ads got to display on your video.

so, you wouldn’t get money for 1000 views you will only get money for 100 views of the ads that were shown to the visitor.

How many views on YouTube to make 1 dollar?

So, we are here to get an idea that how many views on YouTube to make 1 dollar?

We have to discuss some basic and general factors. For example, who is watching your video? And where he is at the time when he watches your video.

If the people from USA or UK are watching your videos and clicking on ads you will be paid more and if people from Asian countries are watching your videos and clicking on the ads you will be paid lesser than UK or USA.

Because the advertising companies from India, Pakistan and other Asian countries don’t much pay to the YouTube as compared to the USA, UK, and other developed countries to display their ads on videos.

Besides all this, there is another major factor that is types of ads such as Skippable Ads, Non-Skippable Ads, Display Ads and Bumper Ads. Each type of the ad has different pay rates from Google.

Another co-factor is what kind of content are you publishing your videos? And what type of audience you are targeting?

Are your videos funny, prank, make-up, reaction tech review or educational? So every different type of video content contains a different type of ads.

That all shows if you want to make 1 dollar, you need to calculate all the above-discussed factors which ultimately nobody can calculate at once.

And if you are here to know how much does YouTube pay you for 1 million views? You have to count all the factors with the knowledge of CPC, CTR, and CPM.

You could have a better idea now about how many views on YouTube to make 1 dollar?

let’s further proceed our discussion.

 How many views on YouTube to get paid?

There is no any standard method that can answer this question. However, we can talk about the factors that are directly or indirectly involved in the formula of generating money from YouTube.

Basically, CPC (Cost per Click) and CPV (Cost per View) are different for every country around the world. For example, if you get a view on your video by a UK residential you can get more CPC and CPV than the view by an Indian residential.

In the USA, you can get 1$ per View but in many other countries, you might get 1$ per 100 Views. So, nobody can sure about the exact amount of earning per view.

Now we’ll move to the next question that is more interesting and legal:

How does YouTube pay you for your videos?

I see many beginners who were thinking about the way they can get money from YouTube. It is as simple as a usual bank account.

Google itself is a parent organization of YouTube it means that when you start earning on YouTube Google pays you. For this, you have to associate your Google AdSense account with your channel.

Getting money from YouTube is not a complex step as it seems. During the AdSense approval, Google asks about your PayPal or bank account which will directly receive payments from Google.

It does not mean that you can only get the amount that is generated by ads, Google also pays you for your videos using CPM (cost per thousand impressions, views, visitors or listeners) calculator.

How much money do you make on YouTube per view?

This is a same question as the first one but I think it should be explained with more details here. According to the officials, here are top 10 countries with premium paid CPM rates.

Top 10 Countries Premium Paid CPM/1000 Impressions
Country Name Cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) in $
1. United States 6 to 9
2. United Kingdom and Australia 5 to 7
3. New Zealand 5 to 8
4. Austria 5 to 8
5. Belgium 5
6. Germany 5 to 11
7. Netherland 5
8. Switzerland 5
9. Denmark 4
10. Norway 4

In India and Pakistan, the CPM rates of YouTube range from $0.5 to $1.3 depending on the different types of videos and ads.

In case, when you get impressions from developed countries, you’ll make more earnings than Asian countries. So, upload the videos which attract the audience from above-mentioned countries.

Don’t worry about the techniques that can be used to attract the audience lately in this article we’ll discuss all.

How many views on YouTube till you get paid?

If you have an approved and verified AdSense account, you can draw even 1$ but you should wait for some healthy amount. I’ll say that you have to attract more audience to view your videos.

The factors that can make your video more attractive are briefly discussed in this article.

let’s discuss further on “how many views on YouTube to make 1 dollar”

How to increase YouTube pay rates? 

Carefully, read the best 10 factors which can help you to make more money from YouTube.


There are two types of the audience on the YouTube:

first, those who treat YouTube as an entertainment or a videos site and secondly those who engaged with YouTube as a partner and generating their revenue.

During the present days, there is a tough competition among many YouTubers. If you are ready to face the competition on YouTube, you have to follow all the factors discussed below:

1. Monetize your video

This is a major factor which can increase your revenue on YouTube. Enable monetization of your account.

Place the ads in attractive places where viewers can make clicks on ads. After monetizing, market your videos on all possible channels to grab more audience.

2. Associate Google AdSense account with your YouTube Channel:

If you have already approved an AdSense account associate it with your channel or apply for a new AdSense account via YouTube. It is easy to get an AdSense account via YouTube.

AdSense will allow you to place ads on your videos which help you to increase your earnings. This is a healthy and productive step to increase your revenue using YouTube channel.

3. Don’t Upload Copyrighted Videos:

Make sure that the video you are uploading is not a copyrighted by any other subscriber. I’ll advise you to upload your own videos to minimize the copyrighted factor.

Your channel must be contained all the stuff which follow rules and regulations of YouTube, otherwise, your channel will be blocked by the YouTube authorities.

Last week, I received an email from one of our regular visitors, he asked me that his YouTube channel has blocked 3rd time.

After getting an explanation, he told me that he was upload trailers of different Hollywood movies on YouTube via his channel.

So, be careful while uploading videos such as trailers of movies from authenticated sources. Because of copyright issues, YouTube can block your channel after verification.

4. Attract the Audience of Higher CPM rates:

Try to upload the videos which directly attract the audience from higher CPM rate countries. YouTube cuts off 45% of ads generated revenue from total CPM. The basic formula used for calculating CPM is given below:

5. CPM Calculating Formulae:

You are here to know how many views on YouTube to make 1 dollar? Then you have to get a clear picture of CPM calculations which is discussed here:

CPM = Cost ÷ Impressions × 1000

For Example, If a video content costs 756$ and have 18.237 impressions, then CPM will be calculated as below:

CPM = 756$ ÷ 18.237 × 1000

CPM = 4145.41 $

Or, you can calculate CPM just multiplying with CTR and CPC by 1000:

For example when you have 3% CTR (that is 3/100 = 0.03) and 0.5 $ CPC, then CPM will be as:

CPM = CTR × CPC × 1000

CPM = 0.03 × 0.5 × 1000

CPM = 15 $

 6. Increase CPC rates:

If you are interested to increase YouTube pay rates, you must have to increase the CPC rates. Make most of the metadata before uploading a video.

It means that you should use keywords in the title or CPC focused description for a video which you are going to upload.

Using metadata in your videos, YouTube will rank it higher in the search results which may increase CPC of your video.

Basically, this method is used to optimize your video which is called YouTube SEO. The best SEO can make a video viral and the viral videos have no ends of viewers.

When you become successful for making a video viral, you’ll earn unlimited dollars. For example, Gangnum Style video got viral and now they have 30K to 40 K viewers per hour which is horrible to believe but you have to.

7. Upload Contents Consistently:

To hold up the audience you have to make continuous engagement with the audience by uploading videos regularly. This factor is also important because once you lose your audience you’ll get less CPC rates which definitely decrease your revenue.

So try to upload your stuff frequently. You can engage your audience by creating different polls or quizzes which are freely available on the Internet.

8. Visit Successful YouTube Channels to get an Idea of uploading Videos:

Sometimes, it is become necessary to visit the successful channels to grab the idea of successful videos. The videos that are getting 1000 views per hour can be called successful videos on YouTube.

For example, Olga Kay’s YouTube Channel is one of the famous channels on YouTube. She uploads 20 videos per week and earning $100,000 to $300,000 annually. That is really hard to believe but it is the reality.

9. Use of Affiliate Marketing:

If you are really interested in grabbing audience make maximum use of affiliate marketing to your channel. Provide direct links to your videos on other platforms so that the viewers can make a look at your videos and if they found your videos interesting they’ll visit again. Affiliate marketing is another technique which many YouTubers are applying on their channels and getting more than a usual YouTube channel.

10. Try to Target Global Audience:

In case, when you need to make your channel more flexible and you want the universal progress from your channel try to grab the audience from developed countries such as UK and USA because from global audience you can get higher CPC and CTR which surely increase your CPM.

So, try to use universal language in your videos such as English language. If you have made a video in which characters are speaking a local language the global society will not be attracted.

If you shot a funny video with no audio, it is ok. It can attract the global society too.

So far, I have discussed plenty of stuff from which you can get proper idea to have how many views on YouTube to make 1 dollar?

If you have to earn money from YouTube views, don’t miss any of the factors mentioned above. Applying these basic factors on your videos hopefully your channel will shoot up to generate revenue for you.

If you find this article on “how many views on YouTube to make 1 dollar” helpful then Share your thoughts on your comment below.

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