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5 Ways to Start Making Money Online on the Internet Right Now


If you don’t like to go to office on regular basis or don’t want to continue your existing job and want to work from home over using internet for making money, then carefully read this article that will change your daily routine life of living with extraordinary effects.

The first recommended place is freelancer where you can find various freelancing jobs. Basically the internet is related with web-designing, developing, content writing, social media or anything that is has sufficient amount of valuable information, networking jobs, database administrator and there are other huge amount of jobs available, but it’s totally depends on you that in which field you are having expertise, just go for that and apply voluntarily on jobs posted by employers on the portal.

These jobs varies from $1 to 400$/hour that is proving a handsome amount of wage over freelance. Initially you need to make a profile and start working on the tasks in which you think you are expert. Once, you able to develop an excellent profile with highly appreciated reviews, you’ll be at better place. So, all depends on how you get clients, how you entertain or satisfy them with your excellence and how they react to your finished work. The better profile, sprinkles more better effect on your income.

Finally, I am of the opinion that if you are going to work online from home hen use, a market place where you can offer your online services with your excellence. Personally, I have hired many skillful persons from freelancer and they are committed one.

So, let’s discuss some online money making methods.

1. Become a Virtual Assistant


There may be many chances that you are the person with no technical knowledge and a nil skill.but you are a good researcher and well at data entry programs.

Virtual assistant is a popular kind of job that anyone with limited internet skills can use and make money. In virtual assistant job you will be hired by anybody on internet to do some simple tasks like editing excel sheet, proof-reading, find something on internet and make a list, clean up eMail inbox to name a few.

Being a virtual assistant is such an easy job that anyone who has little how know about computer fields and have little bit keyboard speed can earn a lot of money. A virtual Assistant has to perform various task if hired, e.g, proof-reading, excel sheet editing, email checking, filtering, listing etc.

Now let’s discuss the various resources as where to find such Virtual Assistant jobs

You can find a recruiter from Freelancer for a virtual assistant job.

There is something unsuitable, if you failed to find such a job then you have sit back, relax and remain idle until you don’t be able to find a specific task and the recruiter.

The next one hiring firm is Fiverr, here you can meet up with better recruiter and they pay for your work starting from $2 to $4 or $5. I think that’s a better money for working as a virtual assistant. There are many users who are earning more than $60,000 per year from fiverr. So it’s all depends on your dedications and work force. You can become a millionaire if you use the right market place to sell your skills.

2. Start Blogging


Blogging is a lengthy and continuous practice of writing and it needs a lot of time and patience. Bloggings is something special and to fully understand about the all the categories listed in the blog, because having incomplete information will leave a negative effect on the user readability. So the blog bounce rate will increase if the user didn’t respond well with the readability and write- ability of the blog. So making money easy here means gaining something with your existing skills.

If you are a good writer and are consistent in writing then “TheFanmanShow” recommendations will be to start blogging. Blogging is the best way to make money online. If you are a new one then you can start from free blogging at WordPress or Blogger. Besides these there are so many sites which are now active in providing a facility to create a free blog there. Well again the The FanMan Show suggestion will lean toward Blogger or WordPress.

The simply starting a blog will give you nothing unless you start to market your blog. In order to access maximum people’s intention you will have to push every post of your blog to these people and for this you’ll need to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Don’t you need to worry about, we have already started Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tutorial.

So, after creation of blogging, start marketing of blog, the blog should be so interesting, informative and well-designed that sprinkles an eye-catching effect on the viewers and they come back again and again.

When your blog is ready, and it has atleast 150 posts, each containing 500 words to 2000 words, and it’s been 3 months in blogging you can apply for Google Adsense, Bing Ads, Infolinks and other like Chitika etc. So start blogging, get ads and your earning will start immediately.

3. Freelance

become-a-freelancer-make-money-online is for those who are highly motivated with their skills and want to earn a permanent and handsome amount of money from the internet. These people are more professional and can be freelance writer, journalist, editors, network administrator, teachers, marketing and sales, other business related professionals, trainer, translator and an intangible services providers. So with which category you belong to? There are too many jobs at for such hardworking and committed professionals.

So you can start selling your services at freelance without hesitation, if you will provide quality of services then you can enhance your profile there. You can be network engineer making their network secure through online access, you can be a sale agent to some other businessman, you can be good writer. You can sell your writing skills to many magazines, newspaper and in other media like TV, Radio etc.

You can be anything but you have to explore your inner piece that what you can do for others so that the other may pay you. Once you able to make a fully rich commented profile there will be more chances of hiring by the recruiter. me If

4. Become A Programmers


If you have done masters in Information Technology or in Computer Science and are good at programming then you can sell your services over the internet. If you are expert in various programming languages, java, Javascript, html, .Net, php, C++, Csharp etc. then you have a lot of platform to earn big. Actually, there are more chances for those who having some technical skills. They will be earning more money over the internet with their skill. There are millions of recruiters at freelancer for such skilled programmer. There is no substitute of hardwork. So working with your skills can bring you a brighter future.

Revolutionary changes in the internet technology has enabled many people to earn through it, instead of wasting time. These revolutionary changes has fully wrapped the world with new emerging ideas of how to make money and become millionaire in a matter of moments. But making money is not so easy at internet, it’s a little bit tricky one to understand fully that how someone can take benefit from internet and their website. So have patience, below are some easy ways to make money on the internet:

5. Make Money with incomeON “Technology for Human Development (THD)”


I am a very lazy person and want to earn money without any hardship! I want a job and I don’t like to work but I want to get paid!

Ok! Is that all you want? I have a surprise for you, there is something waiting for you on the internet. Today everyone on the internet wants to make money without any hard-work. incomeON “Technology for Human Development (THD)” is such a website or a platform for such people who want to earn money fast over the internet.

incomeOn is a social cum business platform where users, after signup, are given a Facebook like two timelines, one for socializing and the other for Business purposes. Both the timelines go side by side. The idea behind this, is to produce an interaction between the social users and the shops or its product on business timeline. So a businessman shop or product is having access to the thousands of people at the same time.

Now, Let’s Discuss That How to Make Money On The Internet With Incomeon?

The manifesto of the incomeon is to provide money on every click. “First of all incomeon main slogan was your time is money” so while using a social media you just are wasting time and get nothing. But this portal claims that it gives more than 80% of its revenue from various ads to the general users of incomeon. So, user incomeON to make money on like, share, comment, great job and referrals etc. so it’s a great chance to earn money on the internet by just using the portal like other social media (Facebook, Google +, Twitter and LinkedIn etc.)

You can choose all the method mentioned above or some or only one that may suit you to your mode and extraordinary skills. In all these methods, initially the making money process is lazy but with the passage of time you will be able to produce the quality of work. The working speed and the quality here matters a lot to make a huge amount of money.

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