How to Install Movie Box on iDevices?

The tutorial is all about how to install movie box on idevices?

Download and install Movie Box, a free ios app for iphone, iPod and iPad and watch online free movies and TV Shows

Movie Box has been updated to work on iOS 8.3, 10.0 or 11.0 without requiring jailbreak.

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You do not need to Jailbreak your iOS device it works with iOS 8.3 and later updated devices.

Apple has always been remained the king of the Technology in every aspect regarding quality devices meeting all the user requirements that’s why they have devolved and launched an app “Movies Box” for its lover and made it successful.

Movie Box is an entertaining app which is used for watching or streaming movies and TV shows online directly to your iOS device, now you can gather your favorite videos to your iPhone, iPad or MacBook easily. It works just like Bit Torrent or U Torrent as you can watch and download videos simultaneously.

Movie Box Supported Formats:

Movie Box supports the following formats:

  • MP4
  • AVI
  • FLV
  • MOV
  • WMV
  • MKV

 “iYojik” is the man behind the MovieBox and according to his statement “every week we add old hit and the latest movies with HD quality to our database”

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Now let’s start as how to download and install Movie Box in iPhone, iPad, tablet, MacBook or Windows PC

How to Install Movie Box in iOS Devices?

When dealing with iOS devices they are just jailbroken or non-jailbroken let The Fanman Show you both the method to install the app.

Here is the complete method to install Movie Box on iDevices (jailbroken method)

Installing Movie Box Jailbroken Method

If you have not yet jailbroken your iOS device then simply google it and you’ll find plenty of methods available to get your device jailbroken.

But If you are using a Jailbroken iPhone, iPod or any other iOS device then:

  1. simply open Cydia app store click on search type “Movie Box”
  2. Tap on install button press confirm at the top right corner of your device screen.
  3. Wait for the installation to be completed and after installation goes to your device desktop or home screen and click on Movie Box to launch the app.

Installing Movie Box Non-Jailbroken Method

Now, let’s learn how to install Movie Box on iDevices (non-jailbroken method)

  1. Go to VShere (because of non-official app and not listed in iTunes app) and Download vShare App
    1. Double click on the downloaded Vshare app to install it in your device.
    2. Because it is a non-official app so you will have to trust on this by clicking on the pop up “trust this app” during installation.
      Once you have installed the vShare app, press the search icon and search for ‘Movie Box’.
  1. After completion of installation, open the VShare App then type Movie Box and hit search
  2. Press the download button to start the installation.
  3. Go to your home screen and open the Movie Box to find the latest movies and TV Shows to store and watch easily for free of cost.

well, above is the tutorial about how to install Movie Box on iDevice, iPhone, iPad, and iPod etc. for both Jailbroken and non-Jailbroken method. Share your experience how it is helpful for you through the comment section.

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