How to Install Remix OS on PC?

Are you innovative and love innovations in technology, learn how to install Remix OS on PC to give a renovation to your windows PC.

As the world grew up. The newer and latest technologies have been introduced.

It is how the world is overflowed with the latest tangible and intangible inventions either in every field. Also, there is no single field seen where the need of computer is not compulsory.

Obviously, where there are offices there are networks of PCs too. These use windows or iOS or other operating systems like Linux Ubuntu etc.

Now the scenarios have been saturated with the always growing newer technologies and created many big giants of the IT. The newer tech firms hardly find a place to compete with these extraordinary organizations.

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The emergence of the new technologies has led up the ex-Google engineers to develop Remix OS

This is the world of Gadgets in Computers and Windows OS, iOS and Android industry which has sprinkled overcoming effects on the world’s society.

These operating system has proved that these are the future of the international market but it would be a defining moment for the above-said ex Google Engineer which has jumped into this market and traveling like a star in the galaxy of windows OS world.

Officially there is not been heard news about the release of Remix OS for Mac or windows rather you may find multiple tweaks to install the Remix OS on your personal computer or laptop or on windows phone without disturbing your Windows operating system.

Features of Remix OS.

The new Remix OS is easy to install and use but with some restriction that is mapped with this launch. The most interesting about this OS is that after installing this, you will be able to access your android windows features on PC’s laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

 The Remix OS official website says that “the OS is real and Android Reimagined”

Now, let’s proceed to install Remix OS on PC/Laptop

How to install Remix OS on PC/Laptop?

You can perform the installation of Remix OS in pc or laptop along with Mac or Windows. Just do as written in the following steps.

Step #1 Download the Remix USB Installer & Remix OS 2.0.

in order to install Remix OS on  PC or Lap, you will need two things.

Step #2 Format the USB Stick and change the formatting to FAT32

Now just format your USB flash drive in FAT32 file system to assure that there is nothing else (no malware files etc.) but an empty drive.

Step #3 Start the Remix USB Installer

Select the download ISO file in the bootable USB installer and chose to drive through your pc/device where to install it.

Step #4 Select the ISO file and the USB flash drive.

The installing tool for the Remix OS is the USB Tool that allows you to select and load the ISO file in your pre-formatted USB drive.

After selecting the ISO file, you need to press the OK button to properly extract and copy it in your flash drive. Wait until the process finishes up. Once done Congratulations you can now install the Remix OS through BootLoader copied on your flash drive.

Step #5 Restart Your PCchange-bios-boot-mode-to-legacy

Reboot your PC and you’ll see the select boot menu option, select your flash drive has a boot of the Remix OS and press enter to install it.

** If in case it’s not booting up, change the BIOS boot mode. Search how to change BIOS boot mode to legacy and follow the steps.

What if your PC is not booting up? Just find your PC’s BIOS settings short key from internet (how to change bios boot mode to legacy?) or read the device manually, if you find it then change I did in my PC

And then restart your PC and repeat the process to install it step by step.

Step #6 Install Remix OS 2.0

Now just select the “Language” and press Ok to agree with the terms and conditions and again press OK to start it and install Remix OS on PC properly.

Final lines:

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