How to Play Any Video File Format on iOS and Android

Are you irritated with your smartphone video player about playing not playing or any in-between condition for viewing videos? Here is an article about how to play any video file format on iOS and Android devices and the best player to play all types of videos consistently

in our last articles, we have discussed Best Free iTunes Alternatives For Windows And iDevicesand How To Stop Facebook Automatically Playing Videos On IOS And Android

But today our topic is how to play any video format on any device.

it is simple to download and install a free app and enjoy playing videos to your Android smartphone, tablet, iPad or iPhone. Get rid on consuming time on transcoding the formats or converting videos from one format to other supported format by installing the following suggested app package.

You do not need to stick to Apple default formats.

How to play any video file format on your PC

If you are working with the Microsoft Windows on your Desktop PC or laptop then you must have access to its default installed windows media player, then you are restricted to limited video file formats that are really annoying. However, the latest version 12 will satisfy you on playing MP4 video files while the rest of the version doesn’t play.

Now, what are the alternatives then? One of the famous software and open source software used for playing all types video files is VLC Media Player. It supports all the video formats exclusively.

How to Play Any Video File Format on your IOS Device iPhone, iPad or iPod touch?

Which is The Best Media Players For Iphone, Ipad And Ipod Touch?

All the Apple devices, iPhone, iPod Touch are all well designed to watch videos with improved picture quality but some iDevices won’t support all types of videos and are limited to playing H.264 and MKV Videos, some Apple devices are also limited to play MP4 videos of screen resolution only up to 640×480.

It’s time-consuming to convert videos that aren’t in exactly the right format, but the good news is that you don’t have to.

Third-party apps are capable of playing other formats, albeit by using the iPad’s CPU rather than the graphics processor.

That means it might eat up more battery power than using Apple’s default video player, but in most cases, it’s worth it.

Because converting videos is just nothing other than killing your time to get the exactly supported formats.

So what is the best player app for videos so far?

VLC Media Player is the first best video playing app available for iOS also. Using VLC in iOS you do not need to store files on your device, you can store your favorite video files on online clouds like Dropbox, Google Drive or on One Drive and play your videos through cellular 3G, 4G internet or simply through Wi-Fi.

You can also add files directly to VLC Media player library even. Download VLC Media Player

How to Play Any Video File Format on Your Android Phone or Tablet Devices?

You can also play all types of video files on Android Devices through VLC Media Player by downloading it from Google Play Store.

Click here to view and download VLC for Android.

So, it was all about how to play any video file format on iOS and Android or desktop PC.

Share your experience with us through the comment section.

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