How to Block Websites Show Notifications in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.


Block Websites Show Notifications in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

Are you annoyed from show notifications and finding a solution of how to Block Websites Show Notifications in Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.

Then don’t go anywhere

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Here below I have a solution for you to stop these annoying show notifications from the websites nowadays.

Today every web browser in the software market shows the feature of showing notifications to the users. It is a useful feature of the browsers but sometimes these notifications have become annoying to the users.

Let’s start.

Many times some pop-ups appear to ask to show notifications on the desktop.

To get rid of these annoying notifications, you have to disable them. Here is the way that tells you how to disable these notifications.

Block Websites Show Notifications in Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer as a web browser and you are annoyed to get frequent notifications on your PC’s desktop, you should follow the given guidelines to disable these notifications.

  • Open Internet Explorer on your PC
  • Go to the Tools (Press Alt+t, in internet explorer 11 windows 10)
  • Now go to Interner Options > Privacy
  • In a pop-up blocker section, you have to click on Settings button
how to turn off show notifications in internet explorer
  • A new window will appear where you have to uncheck the option “Show notifications when a pop-up is blocked”
stop show notification in internet explorer

Now, you have done your job with Internet Explorer and your browser will not show any notification to you on your desktop.

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How to Block Websites Show Notifications in Google Chrome

Nowadays, Google Chrome is very popular web browser among all the browsers. If you need to off its feature of showing notifications, you have to read the following steps.

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to find and click on “Show advanced settings” which is available at the bottom of the page
  • Now tap on “Content Settings” which is available in the section of “Privacy”
what are website notifications
  • Go to the notification category and check mark “Do not allow any site to show notifications”
  • If you want to allow some sites to show notifications, you have to go to “Manage Exceptions” there will be a list of the sites which you allow to show notifications. Even a single site can be allowed to show notifications.
turn off chrome notifications windows 10

Now, you have done with Google Chrome and you would not get useless notifications from your web browser.

How to Block Websites Show Notifications in Mozilla Firefox

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you cannot get access to disable notifications directly from the main window of the browser.

So, if you need to disable notifications in Mozilla Firefox you have to type “about:config” into the address bar of the Mozilla Firefox.

After pressing “Enter” button you will get a warning message. This message warns you when you enter into the “about:config” page. Here, you have to click on “I accept the risk”.

how to stop show notifications in firefox
  • “Abou:config” window will appear in a separate tab
  • In the search bar type “Notifications”
  • An option “dom.webnotifications.enabled” Double click on it
  • After double-clicking on the above-given option, notifications of Mozilla Firefox will be set as “false” which means that notifications are stopped from Mozilla Firefox
  • Your notifications from Mozilla Firefox are permanently disabled. You even cannot allow any single website to show notifications
what does show notifications mean

How to Block Websites Show Notifications in Apple Safari?

Safari is well popular web browser among many users. It has its own unique features but many are common with other web browsers. If some sites need to show notifications, firstly they ask for permission from Safari browser. If you want to reach this option, you have to follow the given instructions.

  • Go to “Safari > Preferences”
How to Block Show Notifications on Apple Safari
  • Click on “Notifications” tab
  • Scroll to the bottom of the window and unmark the option “Allow websites to ask for permission to send push notifications”
  • A window will appear where you can manage the websites to show notifications


show notifications safari
  • In future, you can also change this option as well.

How to Block Websites Show Notifications on Microsoft Edge

In this web browser, Microsoft does not allow to stop these notifications directly or indirectly. Only by clicking “Block” you can get rid of these notifications.

how to stop show notifications on microsoft edge

Well, this is all about how you can block websites Show Notifications in Chrome, Mozila Firefox,  Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge.

Hopefully, you get help from this article. If you have your experience different than this, you can share your views here in the comments section.


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