If you are facing problem of your USB flash drive not showing up in your PC. Then you need to assign your USB drive a “drive letter” (a-z)
Follow the steps below to troubleshoot your issue properly
Step 1: Go to Control Panel
Step 2: Admin tools
Step 3: Computer management
Step 4: Disk management

you should see your drive that you can’t access. Right click on the drive header and select ‘Online’.

Here, you can definitely see your USB drive which you were not be able to access. Now just Right click on the drive header and select ‘Online’.

If it is already online, then assign it a drive letter (don’t assign a letter which is already in use, rather use a different letter which is not in use to your PC other drives)

Afeter performing above instructions properly, you will see it in your MY Computer section, and you can now use it without any trouble.

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