Flash drive not showing up in My computer

Are you searching for the “Flash drive not showing up in My Computer” and worried about maybe it is affected by the virus?

In our last tutorials, we have learned about How to Add Control Panel Shortcut to Windows 10 Right Click Menu and How to Take Screenshot of Complete Webpage With One Click

But, today we are here about to know why the Flash drive not showing up in Your Computer.

You already have installed antivirus on your computer and have performed a full scan to your PC and your PC/laptop says:

“No virus found” and everything is under control.

Then what could be the possible issues that you have searched for “Flash drive not showing up in My Computer” in Google and then you are at this page to find the possible solution.

If you are facing the problem of your USB flash drive not showing up on your PC. Then, one of the solutions is that you need to assign your USB drive a “drive letter” (a-z)

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot your issue properly

Flash drive not showing up in My computer – Troubleshooting

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Step 1: Go to Control Panel

flash drive not showing up in disk management
Step 2: Administrative tools

Step 3: Computer management

Step 4: Disk management

how do i get my computer to recognize a usb device

Step 5: Here, you can definitely see your USB drive which you were not able to access. Now just Right click on the drive header and select ‘Online’.

If it is already online, then assign it a drive letter (don’t assign a letter which is already in use, rather use a different letter which is not in use to your PC other drives)

After performing above instructions properly, you will see it in your My Computer section, and you can now use it without any trouble.

Hopefully, you have found the solution about your query “Flash drive not showing up in My computer”.

Share your experience with this tutorial through the comment section. if you have other suggestions then must share with us.

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